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Strap In For a Bumpy Ride

Here's a shot of one of the many challenging but thrilling downhill tracks at San Juan Trail. Doesn't hurt to keep a bandaid or 7 in your pack just in case!

Be Prepared For Some Switchbacks

Having ridden this trail much of my adult life, I can tell you with confidence that it is one of the more challenging down hill rides in Orange County. Don't let that deter you though! Accept the challenge and enjoy the ride

Featured San Juan Trail Video

The best parts of San Juan Trail - Orange County CA

Featured  San Juan Trail Video

A Little Bit About San Juan Trail

Avoid The Climb

Love the downhill but not thrilled about the uphill? Sign up with The Shuttle today and let us relieve that burden!

The Downhill...Not For The Squeamish

Don't get me wrong, the downhill is a blast but make sure you are protected. We all know a few guys who have had their fair share of cacti meetings. 

San Juan Trail is rated as one of the top 5 trails in California by Singletracks.

Narrow Sections

For those of us that enjoy the thrill of the downhill speed, be aware that there are sections that can be quite narrow and covered with unforgiving rocks as well as vegetation. Its always good to test the breaks a bit before the ride, especially if you have a prankster in the group who may think it's funny to mess with your breaks......

Lunch With Friends

This is what lunch looks like when you and your friends plan to Shuttle, San Juan Trail. No one misses the party!

Enjoy The beautiful Night rides

A new way to ride. Have you tried night riding? It adds a whole dimension to Mountain biking. As does riding a trail backwards. It’s a different trail. For a great change in mountain biking. It takes a sacrifice but worth it. Get a group together, go for a night ride in the early morning and get to a place for a great view of the sunrise.It’s out every morning and a sight to see in the middle of a ride with friends.Everyone is still asleep, you’re up the mountain and got a good workout going. It’s a ride you won’t regret.

Meeting With Friends At Cocktail rock!

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